Zephyr 03 [video]

  • Mar. 16th, 2014 at 4:38 PM

[the video feed pops on, shaky as the start as though whoever has a hold of the D-Terminal is trying to get a good handle on it.  The picture pans across Jinora's room until it lands on the girl herself.  She is seated lotus-style on the floor, eyes closed in deep meditation.  Her hands are closed into fists and are pressed together at waist-level.]

What are you doing, Ketu?

[the picture jolts and shakes as the terminal is dropped.  The picture now shows Nima and a Coronamon]

I'm documenting and I'm going to ask other people about this!  Look at what she's doing; is that normal?

[sighs] Yes, it's normal.  It's a practice of her family, her people.  I asked Jinora about it before and she said it helps her feel like an Airbender even though her bending powers got taken away.

Oh.  She does it often, then?

Every day.  Usually in the morning.

24 Butterflies | Video

  • Mar. 16th, 2014 at 3:12 AM
[It is one of those rare moments that Fluttershy herself is on camera as the feed opens, looking into the screen somewhat shyly, but still cheerful.]

H...H-Hello...um. [She takes a moment to clear her throat and tries again.]

For...my friends that... [She hesitates for a moment, a slight frown on her lips as certain words come to mind, before she decides on different ones to say.] I just...wanted to let you guys know that...I'm going to be heading out of town...if you...don't already know, that is...

Chris and Martin are...taking me outside of Hospitown...to learn about wilderness survival. I'm not sure how long it'll take, or...how long we'll be gone...I just...wanted to let people know so that...no one worries.

I-I'll...still be in touch, though. I'll have my D-Terminal, and I'll be calling people whenever I get the chance...So if anyone needs to reach me...it should be fine.

Uh...th-that's...it, I guess...

[There's a glimpse of her blushing before the feed is off.]

Idle hands [Audio]

  • Mar. 15th, 2014 at 3:28 PM
Hey hey hey! You guys!

I just love this shop in Hospitown! It may be the only shop we have but they get such great random stuff in here!

Just Listen to this!

Ain't it great? It was just on some CD! It's downloaded onto my D-Terminal now.

Speaking of which...anyone still working on hacking these little things? I'd really like to try and access my Netflix account sooner or later. I was halfway through Spacetrek 2015.

Anyway, so with my favorite sexy shirtless guitar player gone...who still plays music around here? We could really use something to perk the place up like a concert or a party or another massive battle...and if I have to start fights just to stay entertained I will!

12th Shot Fired [video]

  • Mar. 12th, 2014 at 10:56 PM
[Dark, that's what the video turns on to. It changes since Whirl seems to have hit his terminal with a hand and it was blocking the screen.

Not that it made things any brighter, looks like he's in his room in the dark. At first the only sound is him breathing, but it's soon followed by the sound of a liquid sloshing about in a bottle. Whoop, looks like he's drinking. And...

Singing, what. Or at least starting at a hum before singing, he's not horrid at it either.]

-'bots don't want me and the 'cons don't want me [Pause to take a swig and the rest of the line is mumbled except the last bit.] Imma lonely Cybertronian.

[There is movement and now the camera gets to see Whirl's single yellow eye, glowing in the dark, as he squints at the device.]

... Frikking, stupid this place. And all of you slagging idiots here too. [Yes, he just said everyone is stupid, right before the video ended, wanna fight about it?]


  • Mar. 12th, 2014 at 1:09 AM
[For a moment, there's darkness and the sound of rustling blankets before the video feed clicks on. Blackarachnia's Taprimon has gotten a hold of her device again and has holed himself up inside of a blanket fort. Two chairs are on either side of him with a large blanket just draped over the backs of them. He has some pillows surrounding him even!

He glances around, even poking his head outside of his little fort before pulling it back in and grinning into the camera.]

Good Evening Chosen and their partners a like! I am not sure how long I shall have access to my partner's device, but rest assured! I shall regale you with stories while I can. Tis only fair since I trust many would wish for something lighthearted for a change!

[He smiles again and clears his throat. Then he pauses, glances around a bit before leaning in]

Once upon a time, there was a valiant and brave rookie Digimon. One day, he set off on a journey after a wise old Digimon told the brave young one that he was destined to fight for the good of the digital world. But first, he needed to make some friends. So he traveled far and wide until he came upon this abandoned tower buried deep in the woods.

When he approached the tower, a beautiful DORUmon appeared in the towers lone window and cried out to him. "Help me! An evil enchantress has locked me away and will not let me out. Will you save me?"

The brave young Digimon agreed and flew up to get her. He valiantly carried her down to the ground and they ran off before the evil Enchantress could come back to see them. As they traveled, his new friend said that she had  been kidnapped by the evil one some years ago and that she was supposed to protect a village. She asked him to help her find her way home.

He agreed if she would be his friend and she said yes! 

So the two traveled for some time and  faced down many evils and fell in love! When he got her back to her village they --

[He was immediately cut off when one of the blankets was suddenly pulled aside and Venom the DORUmon  glances from him to the device in his grasp and shakes her head.]

What are you doing now?

N-Nothing! I was just... looking at the network and seeing if there was anything interesting.

Uh huh. So, what was all of that about a damsel in distress and a  "valiant" digimon saving her?


[He glances back to the device, looks a little sheepish and just clicks it off.]


  • Mar. 12th, 2014 at 5:46 AM
[There's a lanky 15-year old boy on your terminals, everyone. Longlegged, somewhat pale, and looking distinctly far more amused than what any newb has any right to be. He's walking out of the arriving building through a few people, ignoring digimon and human alike. And he steps out, into the bright sunlight, before looking to his terminal while humming a cheerful tune.

Underneath the amusement, only the more perceptive of you would be able to see the fact his eyes look distinctly sharpened, distinctly annoyed, almost like a cat's as he eyes the device with a mixture of irritation and dismissal. But his voice is sweet, and the first thing to come from his lips is a gentle laugh. A Renamon dutifully follows him, the same one some of you might recognize. She's wearing a white feather that looks as if it's made of glass as an identifier.

Awww. The first time I've let myself be unguarded since all that fun we had last time, and I end up back here? I hate what you've all done with the place, by the way. It's distinctly passé.

01 | Video

  • Mar. 11th, 2014 at 6:07 PM
[Maybe it's a good thing there's so little new Chosen this round. Or maybe a bad thing? If there were more, they would have probably helped calm her down...

...In any case, the whole D-Terminal thing is a bit too elaborate to be a scam, and the beast she may have kicked around a fair bit doesn't seem to be a mindless monster. Anyway, the little red... thing is lying dizzy on the floor right now. Eh, it's not permanent. She's got more matters to worry about than a creature who might just be pretending.

Scrolling through the D-Terminal a bit (after tedious attempts, she's not good at mechanics okay_, she's somehow figured out how to broadcast a message. Smart network idea. Her face is a bit too close to the screen, but it's still pretty clear she's angry.]

My name is Edea Lee. [Fuck beating the bush, she's gonna set it on fire.] If anyone knows about the whereabouts of my friends, please inform me immediately. Their names are Tiz Arrior, Agnés Oblige and Ringabel.

If you're trapping us here, father, you still... [...dammit this thing is live isn't it she should've planned beforehand...] ...underestimate us. [Yeah, smooth. Totally intimidating.

Moving on though. Cue the device flashing around wildly before she figures out how to show her fainted Guilmon to the network.]
And what exactly is this thing? I get that it's a Digimon, but what is it?

[give this girl a fucking literature degree]
[The sound of waves. It's like, Cam turns on the feed, but he can't bring himself to talk first--]

Neku's gone. His partners, they're...staying there. In the Forest of the Gods. Uhm, me, and Maya, and Shiki. We're all headed back to HospiTown. It just didn't feel, uh...

Yeah. The place is nice, though. If any of you can get there, it's...relaxing. [He breathes out.] We've been on the boat for a few days. Be back in a bit, if I don't. Go stir-crazy here.

...Who all's still here? [So he says, tentative and nervous.] Just, so... This all sounds stupid. Never mind. Jinx, you should stay in HospiTown. No one's gonna be at the Forest if you head back.

4th Lullaby [Video]

  • Mar. 11th, 2014 at 12:24 AM

[A cheerful-looking Kit appears on the D-Terminals of those who happen to be watching]

Hi, everybody! I got a great idea that I wanna see what you guys think about

See, now that the weather's starting to warm up a bit, I was thinking about planting a garden. That way we can grow fresh vegetables and things! And even after we go home, it'll still be there for the digimon, long as they keep it up.

Problem is, planting and taking care of a garden is a lot of work for just one person, even if they had their Digimon helping. So I wanted to know if anybody'd be interested in helping me out with it? Anybody who does'll be welcome to a share of the harvest at the end!

Private to SG Starscream )

04 | TEXT

  • Mar. 9th, 2014 at 2:18 PM
I'd like to ask a favor, if it's not too much trouble for those willing to help:

Is there any specific place I can go to learn more about digimon? Just about them in general, really, nothing specific as of now. I'd just like to know more about them as a whole and what they're capable of. Of course, if there's anybody here who can teach me as well, I would be more than willing to learn from them.

Thank you in advance.


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